Back in Business – An animated video for Stora Enso

Hi ya folks!

It’s been a while because summer. Because vacation. Because taking care of the kids. But of course I’ve also been working during the crazy hot (well, mild) summer months. This here is an animated video that we did earlier in the spring. Now it’s finally time to show it in public. So here it is: the paper story.

Even though I’m all digital when it comes to drawing or even reading nowadays, paper still plays a role in my life. My kid just loves to read and can’t get enough of books. And who gets to read all those story books? Me, of course. Mauri Kunnas’ books and wacky brothers Tatu and Patu by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen are our mutual favourites.

But what do you say about this video? Does it taste like paper or is it thumbs up?

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